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Property Map Level 1

CF1 Across from CrossroadsL1 ConradF1 Aubi & RamsaF24.1 Famous Pho
CF2 Boring Tunnel EntraceL2 CrockfordsF2 Bar ZazuF24.2 Boon Tong Kee
CF3 Dawg HouseL3 HiltonF3 BrezzaF24.3 Google Man’s Char Kuey Teow
CF4 Event Center HallwayL4 Crockfords WestF4 CarversteakF24.4 Burger Bain
CF5 Famous FoodsBARSF5 Caviar BarF24.5 Han’s Fish & Chips
CF6 Hilton Pool Entrance
(Level 5)
B1 Allé Lounge on 66
(elevators to)
F6 Co-op
Frose & Eatery
F24.6 An Chun Sandong Dumpling
CF7 Hotel Parking EntranceB2 Conrad Lobby BarF7 CrossroadsF24.7 Fuhu Cha Chaan Teng
CF8 Outside of Lily Ball Room
(Level 2)
B3 Crockfords Lobby BarF8 Eight Cigar LoungeF24.8 Fuhu Shack
CF9 Plaza EntranceB4 Crystal BarF9 Fat TuesdayF24.9 Pepita’s Kitchen
CF10 Poker RoomB5 Gatsby’s Cocktail
F10 FuhuF24.10 Blood Bros
CF11 South Porte Cochere ValetB6 High Limit LoungeF11 Genting PalaceF11F24.11 Street Bird
CF12 Zouk NightclubB7 Jalisco UndergroundF12 Golden Monkey Tiki LoungeF24.12 Sweat Eats
CF13 Across from
RW Store Conrad
RETAILF13 Junior’sF24.13 Center Bar
CF14 Outsise of Lotus Meeting Rooms (Level 2)R1 Theatre StoreF14 Kusa NoriF24.14 Nori Bar
GAMINGR2 CorsoF15 Lady MF24.15 Geylang Claypot Rice
G1 Baccarat “Crockfords Club”R3 Fred SegalF16 Micho’s TacosF24.16 Kuru Kuru Pa
G2 CasinoR4 Cutz By MaceooF17 Mulberry Street PizzeriaF24.17 Ten Suns
G3 Casino ServicesR5 Miss Behave Beauty BarF18 Randy’s DonutF24.18 Harajuku Ramen
G4 Crockfords
Casino & Lounge
R6 Nectar Bath TreatsF19 Red TailF24.19 Tiger Sugar
G5 PokerR7 RW Store (The District)F20 StarbucksF24.20 Michos Tacos
ENTERTAINMENTR8 RW Store ConradF21 Sun’s Out Buns Out
E1 Ayu DayclubR9 RW Store HiltonF22 VIVA!
E2 Dawg HouseR10 SugarfinaF23 Wally’s Wine
E3 Resorts World TheatreR11 Twila True Fine JewelryF24 Famous Food
MC12 Magnolia Lounge

Property Map Level 5

B1 Bimini BarP1 Bimini PoolR1 Sunkissed
FOOD & BEVERAGEP2 Cabana PoolR2 Swim Society
F1 Agave Bar & GrillP3 Family Pool
F2 BitesP4 Main Pool
P5Athena Infinity Pool

Property Map Level 2

A1 Awana SpaMC1 Blossom Meeting RoomsR1 Black Clover
A2 Fitness CenterMC2 Bloosom BallroomR2 Majorwaver Lab
FOOD & BEVERAGEMC3 Fed Ex – Business Center
F1 StarbucksMC4 Jasmine Ballroom
MC5 Lily Meeting Room
MC6 Lily Ballroom
MC7 Lotus Meeting Rooms
MC8 Lotus Ballroom
MC9 Orchid Meeting Rooms
MC10 Orchid Ballroom
MC11 Perdana Garden

Property Map Level 6

Property Map Level 3

MC1 Rose RooftopMC1 Rose Ballroom
MC2 Rose Meeting Room
MC3 Rose Terrance

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