Introducing Daniel Allen Cohen’s The Periodic Table of Las Vegas, an evocative snapshot of the city’s pulsating soul. Using his iconic periodic table design, Cohen crystallizes Las Vegas into 24 essential elements. From the allure of slots to world-class dining and adrenaline-charged escapades, each element is a testament to the city’s magnetic charm.


This installation is more than symbols—it’s a narrative that speaks of grandeur, vice, history, and evolution. Through Cohen’s lens, witness a Las Vegas both globally iconic and deeply personal. Set against the backdrop of Resort World’s Formula 1 weekend, this piece is a testament to Las Vegas’s dynamic spirit. Cohen’s artistry, known for its humor and introspection, captures the city’s essence, its risk, reward, and reinvention. Experience Cohen’s Las Vegas—a vivid reflection of humanity’s dance with chance and desire. Welcome to the heart of the desert’s allure. Welcome to Las Vegas.


Daniel Allen Cohen, a Miami-based artist renowned for his multidisciplinary approach, transforms popular culture into conceptual art. His creations are nuanced reflections of societal values, desires, necessities, and vices, which often find themselves intricately interwoven.


“As an artist, I find great fascination in exploring the intricate interplay between our fundamental needs, desires, and the ways in which our culture subtly manipulates and blurs the boundaries that define them. My artistic focus centers on thought-provoking concepts such as fame, addiction, drugs, wealth, and the ever-evolving life cycles of consumer items.”


Cohen, a self-taught artist, started his journey exploring various media forms, including photography and graphic design. By 2015, he embarked on the innovative series, ‘This Is Addictive,’ cleverly casting society’s addictive behaviors in the light of periodic elements, each accompanied by a humorously insightful ‘drug label’ Active Ingredients, Side Effects, and Warnings. Exhibitions and art fairs across the globe have spotlighted Cohen’s work, gaining him recognition and inclusion in numerous brand collaborations and esteemed private collections. For Cohen, life revolves around the pursuit of balance, moderation, and authenticity amidst our consumer-driven society. His curiosity lies in the human race’s enthralling dance with needs and desires, and how cleverly our culture blurs these lines.


Cohen’s artistry focuses on themes of fame, addiction, wealth, and the life cycle of consumer items. While these subjects often carry a taboo or polarizing aura, he skillfully lightens the mood, making them accessible, whimsical, and occasionally, delightfully humorous. Rather than take sides on what society labels as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ Cohen walks a tightrope of neutrality, offering a mirror to reflect our culture in its raw, unfiltered reality.


“Acknowledging that these subjects can often carry a sense of taboo or provoke polarizing reactions, my intention is to alleviate the pressure surrounding them. Through my art, I strive to make these topics approachable, light-hearted, and occasionally even humorous. It is my belief that by embracing this balanced approach, I can navigate the tightrope between societal definitions of “good” and “bad,” recognizing that they are simply reflections of our cultural fabric.

Ultimately, my work invites viewers to contemplate the intricacies of our human experience, encouraging introspection and a deeper understanding of the complex forces that shape our lives. By shedding light on these themes with a touch of levity, I aim to create a space where dialogue and exploration thrive, unburdened by judgment or preconceived notions.”

DANIEL COHEN PEriodic Table of Las Vegas


Daniel Cohen transcends traditional art forms, employing a UV print on white acrylic as his canvas. Juxtaposed are 1/2″ black acrylic letters and numbers, each deliberately placed to invoke curiosity and admiration. Ready-made objects embedded within the piece breathe life into the Las Vegas theme, capturing the city’s spirit in physical form.



  • 98 x 50 x 4 in. Frame
  • 1 of 1 Unique Piece (2023)
  • Hand Signed and number on custom embossed Certificate of Authenticity

Object Information

  • Las Vegas: “The Key” to the City
  • Hockey: 2023 Warm up puck used during Game 1 of Stanley Cup Final. Melted Liquid ice from the Stanley Cup Finals
  • Shopping: Louis Vuitton and Chanel 24k Gold Charms
  • Slots: Use “Spin” slot machine butto
  • Black Jack: Used RW Cards
  • Poker: User RW Cards
  • Magic: Hand signed Penn & Teller Ticket
  • Alcohol: Louis XIII bottle
  • Nicotine: Authentic Cuban Montecristo Cigar and Cutter from EIGHT Cigar Lounge
  • Boxing: Hand Signed Floyd Maywether PSA Graded trading card

Welcome this masterpiece into your collection, and let the “The Periodic Table of Las Vegas” infuse it with the essence of luxury, intellect, and the vibrant heartbeat of Las Vegas. Contact for more information, availability, and price.