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Located on the door-step of the Las Vegas Convention Center Expansion, Resorts World Las Vegas offers meeting space for groups and events of almost any size.

RoomSQ. FTDimensionCeiling HeightExhibits 10×10Rounds of 10ConferenceClassroomReceptionHollow SquareTheatre
Events Center72,865247′ x 295′12’6”-39′3505824N/A29147000N/A7770
Events Center – South24,19082′ x 295′12’6”-25’10”1001664N/A8332000N/A2220
Events Center – North48,675165′ x 295′12’6″ – 39′2504160N/A20825000N/A5550
Blossom Ballroom17,997103′ x 173′18′901497N/A74918004321998
Blossom A1,34532′ x 41′18′N/A112N/A5613432149
Blossom AB2,92069′ x 41′18′N/A243N/A122292N/A324
Blossom ABC4,280103′ x 41′18′N/A356N/A178428N/A475
Blossom ABCDEF11,881103′ x 118′18′59988N/A4951188N/A1319
Blossom ABDE8,04069′ x 118′18′N/A669N/A335804N/A892
  • Level 2
  • Level 3 & 5
RoomSQ. FTDimensionCeiling HeightExhibits 10×10Rounds of 10ConferenceClassroomReceptionHollow SquareTheatre
Events Center72,865247' x 295'12'6" - 39'3505824N/A29147000N/A7770
Events Center - South24,19082' x 295'12'6" - 25'10"1001664N/A8332000N/A2220
Events Center - North48,675165' x 295'12'6" - 39'2504160N/A20825000N/A5550
Blossom Ballroom17,997103' x 173'18'901497N/A74918004321998
Blossom A1,34532' x 41'18'N/A112N/A5613532149
Blossom AB2,92069' x 41'18'N/A243N/A122292N/A324
Blossom ABC4,280103' x 41'18'N/A356N/A178428N/A475
Blossom ABCDEF11,881103' x 118'18'59988N/A4951188N/A1319
Blossom ABDE8,04069' x 118'18'N/A669N/A335804N/A892
Blossom ABDEGH11,933105' x 173'18'60993N/A4971193N/A1325
Blossom AD3,82832' x 118'18'N/A318N/A159383N/A425
Blossom ADG5,62132' x 173'18'N/A468N/A234562N/A624
Blossom B1,57537' x 41'18'N/A131N/A6615838175
Blossom BC2,93570' x 41'18'N/A244N/A122294N/A326
Blossom BCEF8,05370' x 118'18'N/A670N/A335805N/A894
Blossom BCEFHI11,94870' x 173'18'60994N/A4971195N/A1326
Blossom BE4,21237' x 118'18'N/A350N/A175421N/A468
Blossom BEH6,89337' x 173'18'N/A573N/A287689N/A765
Blossom C1,36033' x 41'18'N/A113N/A5713633151
Blossom CF3,84134' x 118'18'N/A320N/A160384N/A426
Blossom CFI5,63633' x 173'18'N/A469N/A235564N/A626
Blossom D2,15832' x 67'18'N/A180N/A9021652240
Blossom DE4,41569' x 67'18'N/A367N/A184442N/A490
Blossom DEF6,571103' x 67'18'N/A547N/A274657N/A729
Blossom DEFGHI12,259103' x 122'18'611020N/A5101226N/A1361
Blossom DEGH8,30869' x 122'18'N/A691N/A346831N/A922
Blossom E2,25737' x 67'18'N/A188N/A9422654351
Blossom EF4,41370' x 67'18'N/A367N/A184441N/A490
Blossom EFHI8,30870' x 122'18'N/A691N/A346831N/A922
Blossom EH4,35737' x 122'18'N/A363N/A181436N/A484
Blossom F2,15633' x 67'18'N/A179N/A9021652239
Blossom FI3,95133' x 122'18'N/A329N/A164395N/A439
Blossom G1,46832' x 45'18'N/A122N/A6114735163
Blossom GD3,95132' x 122'18'N/A329N/A164395N/A439
Blossom GH3,18869' x 45'18'N/A265N/A133319N/A354
Blossom GHI4,658102' x 45'18'N/A388N/A194466N/A517
Blossom H1,72037' x 45'18'N/A143N/A7217241191
Blossom HI3,19070' x 45'18'N/A265N/A133319N/A354
Blossom I1,47033' x 45'18'N/A122N/A6114735163
Blossom Meeting Room4,084129' 29'16'N/A3409817040898453
Blossom Meeting Room 11,43543' x 29'16'N/A119346014434159
Meeting Room 1 & 22,78186' x 29'16'N/A2316711627867309
Blossom Meeting Room 21,34643' x 29'16'N/A112325613532149
Blossom Meeting Room 2 & 32,67686' x 29'16'N/A2236411126864297
Blossom Meeting Room 31,33043' x 29'16'N/A112325513332148
Blossom/Jasmine Prefunction8,121-18'N/AN/AN/AN/A812N/AN/A
Jasmine Ballroom12,00060' x 187'18'60998N/A50012002881332
Jasmine A1,83235' x 55'18'N/A152N/A7618344203
Jasmine AB3,81560' x 55'18'N/A317N/A159382N/A423
Jasmine ABCD8,83160' x 131'18'44735N/A368883N/A980
Jasmine AC4,33135' 131'18'N/A360N/A180433N/A481
Jasmine ACE6,16735' x 187'18'N/A513N/A257617N/A685
Jasmine B1,98331' x 55'18'N/A165N/A8319848220
Jasmine BD4,50031' x 131'18'N/A374N/A187450N/A500
Jasmine BDF6,33131' x 187'18'N/A527N/A264633N/A703
Jasmine C2,18135' x 67'18'NA181N/A9121852242
Jasmine CD4,37260' x 67'18'N/A364N/A182437N/A485
Jasmine CDEF8,03960' x 122'18'40669N/A335804N/A892
Jasmine CE4,01735' x 122'18'N/A334N/A167402N/A446
Jasmine D2,19131' x 67'18'N/A182N/A9121953243
Jasmine DF4,02231' x 100'18'N/A335N/A167402N/A446
Jasmine E1,51835' x 45'18'N/A126N/A6315236168
Jasmine EF3,02360' x 45'18'N/A252N/A126302N/A336
Jasmine F1,50531' x 45'18'N/A125N/A6315136167
Lily Ballroom23,817183' x 132'19'1191982N/A9922382N/A2644
Lily A2,56065' x 40'19'N/A213N/A10725661284
Lily AB5,89365' x 92'19'N/A490N/A245589N/A658
Lily ABC8,34065' x 132'19'N/A701N/A243843N/A936
Lily ABDEG16,829183' x 92'19'841400N/A7011683N/A1868
Lily AD4,635115' x 40'19'N/A386N/A193464N/A514
Lily ADG7,058183' x 40'19'N/A587N/A294706N/A783
Lily B3,33365' x 52'19'N/A277N/A13933380370
Lily BC5,87065' x 92'19'N/A488N/A244587N/A652
Lily BCEFH16,778183' x 92'19'841396N/A6981678N/A1862
Lily BE9,771183' x 52'19'N/A813N/A409977N/A1085
Lily C2,53765' x 40'19'N/A211N/A10625461282
Lily CF4,595115' x 40'19'N/A382N/A191460N/A510
Lily CFH7,007183' x 40'19'N/A583N/A292701N/A778
Lily D (Not sold alone)2,07550' x 40'19'N/A173N/A86206N/A230
Lily DEFGH (Must have ABC)15,406118' x 132'19'771282N/A64115413701710
Lily E (Not sold alone)6,438118' x 52'19'N/A536N/A268644N/A715
Lily F (Not sold alone)2,05850' x 40'19'N/A171N/A86206N/A228
Lily G (Not sold alone)2,42368' x 40'19'N/A202N/A101242N/A269
Lily H (Not sold alone)2,41268' x 40'19'N/A201N/A101241N/A268
Lily Terrace3,000-N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A300N/AN/A
Lily/Lotus Prefunction5,690-18'N/AN/AN/AN/A569N/AN/A
Lily Meeting Room2,48348' x 56'16'N/A297N/A10324860276
Executive Boardroom53226' x 20'16'N/AN/A13N/AN/AN/AN/A
Lotus Ballroom7,84460' x 125'16'39653N/A327784188871
Lotus A2,41560' x 43'16'N/A201N/A10124258268
Lotus AB5,30060' x 83'16'N/A441N/A221530N/A588
Lotus B2,88560' x 40'16'N/A240N/A12028969320
Lotus BC5,53860' x 82'16'N/A461N/A231554N/A615
Lotus C2,65360' x 42'16'N/A221N/A11026564294
Lotus Meeting Room 1 & 22,10838' x 59'16'N/A175518821151234
Lotus Meeting Room 11,08038' x 30'16'N/A90264510826120
Lotus Meeting Room 21,10038' x 29'16'N/A92264611026122
Lotus Meeting Room 3 & 42,38838' x 59'16'N/A199579923957265
Lotus Meeting Room 31,17338' x 29'16'N/A98284911728130
Lotus Meeting Room 41,22838' x 34'16'N/A102295112329136
Lotus Meeting Room 51,03938' x 27'16'N/A86254310425115
Lotus Meeting Room 61,08226' x 37'16'N/A90264510826120
Lotus Meeting Room 7 & 81,93926' x 74'16'N/A161478119447215
Lotus Meeting Room 796426' x 37'16'N/A8023409623107
Lotus Meeting Room 898326' x 37'16'N/A8224419824109
Lotus Meeting Room 9 & 101,93826' x 74'16'N/A161478119447215
Lotus Meeting Room 996726' x 37'16'N/A8023409723107
Lotus Meeting Room 1097826' x 37'16'N/A8123419823109
Orchid Ballroom13,659169' x 79'16'681136N/A56913663281516
Orchid Ballroom A5,51196' x 58'16'28459N/A229551132612
Orchid Ballroom ABC7,65996' x 79'16'38637N/A319766N/A883
Orchid Ballroom AD9,752169' x 58'16'49811N/A496975N/A1082
Orchid Ballroom B99142' x 21'16'N/A82N/A419924110
Orchid Ballroom BC2,14896' x 21'16'N/A179N/A89215N/A238
Orchid Ballroom BCE3,813169' x 21'16'N/A317N/A159381N/A423
Orchid Ballroom C1,15754' x 21'16'N/A96N/A4811628128
Orchid Ballroom CE2,822127' x 21'16'N/A235N/A117282N/A313
Orchid Ballroom D4,24174' x 58'16'N/A353N/A177424102471
Orchid Ballroom DE5,90674' x 79'16'30491N/A246591N/A656
Orchid Ballroom E1,66574' x 21'16'N/A139N/A6916740185
Orchid Meeting Room 196524' x 45'16'N/A8023409723107
Orchid Meeting Room 293131' x 33'16'N/A7722399322103
RoomSQ. FTDimensionCeiling HeightExhibits 10×10Rounds of 10ConferenceClassroomReceptionHollow SquareTheatre
Rose Ballroom23,383134' x 175'20'1171945N/A9732338N/A2596
Rose Ballroom A6,09652' x 118'20'N/A507N/A254610N/A677
Rose Ballroom B17,317113' x 154'20'871441N/A7211732N/A1922
Rose Meeting Room 11,05542' x 25'11'N/A88254410625117
Rose Meeting Room 279032' x 25'11'N/A661933791988
Rose Meeting Room 371829' x 25'11'N/A601730721777
Meeting Room 471029' x 25'11'N/A591730711779
Meeting Room 565328' x 23'11'N/A541627651672
Meeting Room 678929' x 27'11'N/A661933661988
Rose Meeting Room 772927' x 27'11'N/A611730731781
Rose Meeting Room 865427' x 24'11'N/A541627651673
Rose Prefunction13,215135' x 67'19'N/AN/AN/AN/A1,312N/AN/A
Rose Terrace5,60026' x 53'N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A140N/AN/A
Rose Balcony24,000155' x 150'N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A2,400N/AN/A

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