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Located on the door-step of the Las Vegas Convention Center Expansion, Resorts World Las Vegas offers meeting space for groups and events of almost any size.


Visualize your next event in our space with these virtual tours.

RoomSQ. FTDimensionCeiling HeightExhibits 10×10Rounds of 10ConferenceClassroomReceptionHollow SquareTheatre
Events Center72,865247′ x 295′12’6”-39′3505824N/A29147000N/A7770
Events Center – South24,19082′ x 295′12’6”-25’10”1001664N/A8332000N/A2220
Events Center – North48,675165′ x 295′12’6″ – 39′2504160N/A20825000N/A5550
Blossom Ballroom17,997103′ x 173′18′901497N/A1,03518004321998
Blossom A1,34532′ x 41′18′N/A112N/A5613432149
Blossom AB2,92069′ x 41′18′N/A243N/A122292N/A324
Blossom ABC4,280103′ x 41′18′N/A356N/A178428N/A475
Blossom ABCDEF11,881103′ x 118′18′59988N/A4951188N/A1319
Blossom ABDE8,04069′ x 118′18′N/A669N/A335804N/A892
Floor Plan Perdana
RoomSQ. FTDimensionCeiling HeightExhibits 10×10Rounds of 10ConferenceClassroomReceptionHollow SquareTheatre
Events Center (Entry on level 1)70,000400' x 265'24'5008320N/A4,16310000N/A11000
Events Center - South48,437200’ x 265’24'2504,160N/A2,0825,000N/A5,550
Events Center - North24,21880’ x 265’24’1001,664N/A8332,000N/A2,220
Theatre (Entry on level 1)65,000N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A4700
Blossom Ballroom17,997103' x 173'18'901100N/A103518004322154
Blossom A1,34532' x 41'18'N/A60N/A7813532149
Blossom AB2,92069' x 41'18'N/A140N/A162292N/A324
Blossom ABC4,280103' x 41'18'N/A200N/A178428N/A475
Blossom ABCDEF11,881103' x 118'18'59600N/A4951188N/A1319
Blossom ABDE8,04069' x 118'18'N/A420N/A335804N/A892
Blossom ABDEGH11,933105' x 173'18'60600N/A4971193N/A1325
Blossom AD3,82832' x 118'18'N/A180N/A159383N/A425
Blossom ADG5,62132' x 173'18'N/A260N/A234562N/A624
Blossom B1,57537' x 41'18'N/A80N/A6615838175
Blossom BC2,93570' x 41'18'N/A140N/A122294N/A326
Blossom BCEF8,05370' x 118'18'N/A420N/A335805N/A894
Blossom BCEFHI11,94870' x 173'18'60600N/A4971195N/A1326
Blossom BE4,21237' x 118'18'N/A240N/A175421N/A468
Blossom BEH6,89337' x 173'18'N/A340N/A287689N/A765
Blossom C1,36033' x 41'18'N/A60N/A5713633151
Blossom CF3,84134' x 118'18'N/A180N/A160384N/A426
Blossom CFI5,63633' x 173'18'N/A260N/A235564N/A626
Blossom D2,15832' x 67'18'N/A100N/A9021652240
Blossom DE4,41569' x 67'18'N/A240N/A184442N/A490
Blossom DEF6,571103' x 67'18'N/A340N/A274657N/A729
Blossom DEFGHI12,259103' x 122'18'61540N/A5101226N/A1361
Blossom DEGH8,30869' x 122'18'N/A420N/A346831N/A922
Blossom E2,25737' x 67'18'N/A140N/A9422654351
Blossom EF4,41370' x 67'18'N/A240N/A184441N/A490
Blossom EFHI8,30870' x 122'18'N/A420N/A346831N/A922
Blossom EH4,35737' x 122'18'N/A250N/A181436N/A484
Blossom F2,15633' x 67'18'N/A100N/A9021652239
Blossom FI3,95133' x 122'18'N/A160N/A164395N/A439
Blossom G1,46832' x 45'18'N/A60N/A6114735163
Blossom GD3,95132' x 122'18'N/A180N/A164395N/A439
Blossom GH3,18869' x 45'18'N/A140N/A133319N/A354
Blossom GHI4,658102' x 45'18'N/A200N/A194466N/A517
Blossom H1,72037' x 45'18'N/A143N/A7217241191
Blossom HI3,19070' x 45'18'N/A265N/A133319N/A354
Blossom I1,47033' x 45'18'N/A122N/A6114735163
Blossom Meeting Room4,084129' 29'16'N/A3409817040898453
Blossom Meeting Room 11,43543' x 29'16'N/A119346014434159
Meeting Room 1 & 22,78186' x 29'16'N/A2316711627867309
Blossom Meeting Room 21,34643' x 29'16'N/A112325613532149
Blossom Meeting Room 2 & 32,67686' x 29'16'N/A2236411126864297
Blossom Meeting Room 31,33043' x 29'16'N/A112325513332148
Blossom/Jasmine Prefunction8,121-18'N/AN/AN/AN/A812N/AN/A
Jasmine Ballroom12,00060' x 187'18'60630N/A5761200288920
Jasmine A1,83235' x 55'18'N/A80N/A8418344203
Jasmine AB3,81560' x 55'18'N/A317N/A213382N/A423
Jasmine ABCD8,83160' x 131'18'44735N/A480883N/A980
Jasmine AC4,33135' 131'18'N/A360N/A192433N/A481
Jasmine ACE6,16735' x 187'18'N/A513N/A257617N/A685
Jasmine B1,98331' x 55'18'N/A165N/A8319848220
Jasmine BD4,50031' x 131'18'N/A374N/A187450N/A500
Jasmine BDF6,33131' x 187'18'N/A527N/A264633N/A703
Jasmine C2,18135' x 67'18'NA181N/A9121852242
Jasmine CD4,37260' x 67'18'N/A364N/A182437N/A485
Jasmine CDEF8,03960' x 122'18'40669N/A335804N/A892
Jasmine CE4,01735' x 122'18'N/A334N/A167402N/A446
Jasmine D2,19131' x 67'18'N/A182N/A9121953243
Jasmine DF4,02231' x 100'18'N/A335N/A167402N/A446
Jasmine E1,51835' x 45'18'N/A126N/A6315236168
Jasmine EF3,02360' x 45'18'N/A252N/A126302N/A336
Jasmine F1,50531' x 45'18'N/A125N/A6315136167
Lily Ballroom23,817183' x 132'19'1191320N/A13202382N/A2134
Lily A2,56065' x 40'19'N/A140N/A13225661284
Lily AB5,89365' x 92'19'N/A340N/A330589N/A658
Lily ABC8,34065' x 132'19'N/A480N/A462843N/A936
Lily ABDEG16,829183' x 92'19'84910N/A9721683N/A1868
Lily AD4,635115' x 40'19'N/A230N/A240464N/A514
Lily ADG7,058183' x 40'19'N/A350N/A378706N/A783
Lily B3,33365' x 52'19'N/A200N/A19833380370
Lily BC5,87065' x 92'19'N/A340N/A330587N/A652
Lily BCEFH16,778183' x 92'19'84910N/A9721678N/A1862
Lily BE9,771183' x 52'19'N/A560N/A594977N/A1085
Lily C2,53765' x 40'19'N/A140N/A13225461282
Lily CF4,595115' x 40'19'N/A230N/A240460N/A510
Lily CFH7,007183' x 40'19'N/A350N/A378701N/A778
Lily D (Not sold alone)2,07550' x 40'19'N/A173N/A86206N/A230
Lily DEFGH (Must have ABC)15,406118' x 132'19'771282N/A64115413701710
Lily E (Not sold alone)6,438118' x 52'19'N/A536N/A268644N/A715
Lily F (Not sold alone)2,05850' x 40'19'N/A171N/A86206N/A228
Lily G (Not sold alone)2,42368' x 40'19'N/A202N/A101242N/A269
Lily H (Not sold alone)2,41268' x 40'19'N/A201N/A101241N/A268
Lily Terrace3,000-N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A300N/AN/A
Lily/Lotus Prefunction5,690-18'N/AN/AN/AN/A569N/AN/A
Lily Meeting Room2,48348' x 56'16'N/A297N/A10324860276
Executive Boardroom53226' x 20'16'N/AN/A13N/AN/AN/AN/A
Lotus Ballroom7,84460' x 125'16'39380N/A381784188672
Lotus A2,41560' x 43'16'N/A120N/A15024258268
Lotus AB5,30060' x 83'16'N/A290N/A221530N/A588
Lotus B2,88560' x 40'16'N/A140N/A13828969320
Lotus BC5,53860' x 82'16'N/A300N/A231554N/A615
Lotus C2,65360' x 42'16'N/A130N/A18026564294
Lotus Meeting Room 1 & 22,10838' x 59'16'N/A175518821151234
Lotus Meeting Room 11,08038' x 30'16'N/A90264510826120
Lotus Meeting Room 21,10038' x 29'16'N/A92264611026122
Lotus Meeting Room 3 & 42,38838' x 59'16'N/A199579923957265
Lotus Meeting Room 31,17338' x 29'16'N/A98284911728130
Lotus Meeting Room 41,22838' x 34'16'N/A102295112329136
Lotus Meeting Room 51,03938' x 27'16'N/A50254310425115
Lotus Meeting Room 61,08226' x 37'16'N/A90264510826120
Lotus Meeting Room 7 & 81,93926' x 74'16'N/A161478119447215
Lotus Meeting Room 796426' x 37'16'N/A8023409623107
Lotus Meeting Room 898326' x 37'16'N/A8224419824109
Lotus Meeting Room 9 & 101,93826' x 74'16'N/A140478119447215
Lotus Meeting Room 996726' x 37'16'N/A8023409723107
Lotus Meeting Room 1097826' x 37'16'N/A8123419823109
Orchid Ballroom13,659169' x 79'16'68750N/A75613663281000
Orchid Ballroom A5,51196' x 58'16'28400N/A229551132612
Orchid Ballroom ABC7,65996' x 79'16'38470N/A319766N/A883
Orchid Ballroom AD9,752169' x 58'16'49600N/A406975N/A1082
Orchid Ballroom B99142' x 21'16'N/A30N/A419924110
Orchid Ballroom BC2,14896' x 21'16'N/A70N/A89215N/A238
Orchid Ballroom BCE3,813169' x 21'16'N/A130N/A159381N/A423
Orchid Ballroom C1,15754' x 21'16'N/A40N/A4811628128
Orchid Ballroom CE2,822127' x 21'16'N/A100N/A117282N/A313
Orchid Ballroom D4,24174' x 58'16'N/A200N/A177424102471
Orchid Ballroom DE5,90674' x 79'16'30260N/A246591N/A656
Orchid Ballroom E1,66574' x 21'16'N/A60N/A6916740185
Orchid Meeting Room 196524' x 45'16'N/A8023409723107
Orchid Meeting Room 293131' x 33'16'N/A7722399322103
RoomSQ. FTDimensionCeiling HeightExhibits 10×10Rounds of 10ConferenceClassroomReceptionHollow SquareTheatre
Rose Ballroom23,383134' x 175'20'1171320N/A13202338N/A1574
Rose Ballroom A6,09652' x 118'20'N/A507N/A254610N/A677
Rose Ballroom B17,317113' x 154'20'871441N/A7211732N/A1922
Rose Meeting Room 11,05542' x 25'11'N/A88254410625117
Rose Meeting Room 279032' x 25'11'N/A661933791988
Rose Meeting Room 371829' x 25'11'N/A601730721777
Rose Meeting Room 471029' x 25'11'N/A591730711779
Rose Meeting Room 565328' x 23'11'N/A541627651672
Rose Meeting Room 678929' x 27'11'N/A661933661988
Rose Meeting Room 772927' x 27'11'N/A611730731781
Rose Meeting Room 865427' x 24'11'N/A541627651673
Rose Prefunction13,215135' x 67'19'N/AN/AN/AN/A1,312N/AN/A
Rose Terrace5,04426' x 53'N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A140N/AN/A
Rose Balcony24,000155' x 150'N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A2,400N/AN/A

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