Art Program


Resorts World Las Vegas offers an eclectic art program featuring artwork created by both renowned and local artists along with a mix of modern and historical fine art pieces. Resorts World Las Vegas’s design team and art consultants underwent an extensive selection process to curate a dynamic and experiential art program designed to surprise and delight guests. From Chinese-inspired paintings on display in the Crockfords Lobby to larger-than-life sculptures and murals within the casino area, guests visiting Resorts World Las Vegas will be stunned with a diverse collection of magnificent art pieces displayed at every corner.


The following is a list of noteworthy art pieces found at Resorts World Las Vegas along with their descriptions and where they are located within the resort:

Cloned Bulldog with Pet Bottle by William Sweetlove

Sweetlove creates plastic sculptures or “clones” of animals, painted in different colors, carrying water bottles and wearing rain boots. In adorning the animals, such as the Cloned Bulldog, the artist asks viewers to consider a potential future of climate change, without drinking water or coastal cities.

Clouds and Jars by Michelangelo Bastiani

The digital installation “Clouds and jars” is a video hologram art piece. Graceful female figures – trapeze artists and ballerinas – who have ended up in a “glass trap”, complete the show. The structure of the artwork is entirely in aluminum, with a sequence of 36 video holograms displayed in 12 glass jars and is reminiscent of a vintage credenza used in antique pharmacies.

Donuts by Jaeyong Kim

Created by South Korean ceramicist Jae Young Kim, this piece features deliciously painted faux donuts made of clay and presented with a glossy paint application. Located in the casino.

Flowers by Andy Warhol

Resonating with 1960’s fashion, Flowers uses different color schemes that comprise four flowers outlined by a bed of grass in each print. Located in the Baccarat Salon.

Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe features multiple publicity stills of the late actress printed in the late artist’s signature pop art style. Located in the Baccarat Salon.

Hippo Wild Ride by Gillie and Marc

A monument to the endangered species across the world that need our help. Perched on the hippo are Rabbitwoman and Dogman, Gillie and Marc’s symbols of unity and acceptance. Located in the Hilton Lobby.

Louis-Vuitton Doberman by Herb Williams

Inspired by iconic fashion designer Louis Vuitton, the dog sculpture is composed of thousands of crayons in the theme of high fashion and showcases how specific pure breeds of dogs have now become fashion accessories. Located in the High Limit Lounge.

Lucky Cat by Red Hong Yi

10-foot-tall Lucky Cat sculpture made entirely of gold coins by the popular Chinese-Malaysian artist. Located at Famous Foods.

Mao by Andy Warhol

Silkscreen paintings of Chairman Mao Zedong, former president of the People’s Republic of China. Located at Genting Palace in the private dining room.

Red Beetle by Ichwan Noor

Sculpture of an iconic Volkswagen Beetle compressed into a large, red ball by Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor. Located outside of Kusa Nori.

RedTail Sculpture by Kevin Barry Fine Art

Custom chromatic sculpture of a red anime kitten with a candy apple finish.

Samurai Cat by Hiro Ando

A contemporary twist on the ever-present maneki-neko or, lucky cat, covered in diamonds. Located in the Crockfords Lobby.

Tea Bag Art by Red Hong Yi

3D portrait composed of 20,000 teabags individually dyed in different shades of the iconic Malaysian beverage, ‘teh tarik.’ Located at Famous Foods.

Holos by David Spriggs

Sculpture consisting of acrylic on layered plexiglass in an LED-lit plexiglass display case. Located in the Conrad lobby.