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Golden Monkey Tiki lounge

Taking place of the Genting Palace Lounge, the space has become a tropical escape providing a modern take on the classic Tiki bar concept. The Golden Monkey Tiki Lounge transports guests to an elevated retreat filled with vibrant colors and playful décor as they enjoy island-inspired cocktails.

The Golden Monkey Tiki Lounge immerse guests in a lively paradise as they are surrounded by classic Tiki bar decor with a welcoming feel. The stunning venue features signature elements such as the golden monkey statues that sit perched above the bar, blended with elevated touches for a more modern ambiance.

The beverage menu captures the essence of storied Tiki lounges with a twist. Guests can enjoy signature tropical drinks and traditional Tiki bar cocktails such as the Jungle Bird and Scorpion. Adding to the delectable cocktails, the lounge also offer photo-worthy punch bowls, including rum, vodka and tequila-based bowls for groups to share during a night out with friends.

Hours of operation

5:00 PM - 2:00 AM


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Upscale Casual
(No cap/hats and sandals/flip flops)

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