Digital artistry reimagined

Transcend reality with GLOW, a series of unrivaled digital experiences presented by Resorts World Las Vegas. Through the resort’s advanced architecture and large LED displays, all shows tap into optical illusions and pull from the city’s electrifying energy to transport guests to extraordinary destinations.
With shows running daily every hour on the hour from noon to 1 AM, we invite you to enjoy the show from our property’s West Tower, East Tower, Zouk Nightclub facades and the 50-foot LED globe inside The District.


Step away from the Las Vegas desert and into an ethereal exploration of our solar system. Featuring an atmospheric soundtrack and visual effects that create immersive depth, are you ready to be taken out of this world?


Gaze into the future as you take a scenic drive through a technologically-advanced society. Become immersed in the neon lights and synthetic waves that take over the other-worldly landscapes.

Neon Space

Alternate between minimalistic and abstract scenes that guide you through an explosion of shapes and colors. Don’t miss out on a special cameo made by a furry friend.

Dance Story

Watch an intimate dance transform into a full-blown spectacle amid futuristic backgrounds. Witness each dancing figure further transform as they express emotion through every movement and musical beat.